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Private Lessons

The advantage of our private lessons is the individual attention every student receives. Our instructors adjust every lesson to fit the personal needs, challenges, and comfort of each student while setting the pace accordingly. Pritchard Music creates a relaxed but focused learning environment. Our instructors will design an individualized program, make suggestions both technical and musical using positive critiques  and work with you to focus on what you want to learn.  Through this, they will also help strengthen the foundation of playing so you will learn not only how to play a song or piece of music but how to apply what you learn to every piece you play. We believe it is important to not only learn to play  music but to perform in public as well.  For that reason, we offer many performance opportunities each year for all of our Pritchard Music students at no additional cost to you.  While our recitals are not mandatory, we encourage everyone to participate as a soloist, a duet with an older more experienced student (mentor) or in an ensemble.

Pritchard Music

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