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Lesson/Class Policy

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

I. Tuition
II. Payment
III. Missed Lessons/Closures
IV. Discontinuance of Lessons/Classes

I. Tuition (effective September 2019)
• One-time registration:            $75 per student
• Private Lessons:                     $225 per month for one 30 minute lesson per week.
• Young Beginner Lessons:      $118 per month for one 15 minute lesson per week
• Group Classes:                       $155 per month for one 50 minute class per week (A class with 2 students or less will be 30 minutes instead of 50 minutes.)

Our tuition is based on the calendar month; therefore the price will remain the same whether you have four or five lessons/classes in a month.

Ensembles (price per term):     $200 for students enrolled in private lessons at Pritchard Music
                                                  $250 for non Pritchard Music students
Terms (ensembles only):           Fall (Sept. – Dec.) Winter (Jan. – Mar.) Spring (Apr. – Jun.)

II. Payment
• Payment is due on the 1st of the month.
• All students are required to have a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) on file.
• The preferred method of payment is Auto-Pay: The card you put on file will be automatically charged in the 1st week of the month and we will email you a receipt.
• If a credit card is not available we will be happy to discuss alternate billing arrangements.

Method Book Pre-Authorization: If your student is using a series of method books in his/her lessons, you may provide pre-authorization to be charged for method books whenever your student graduates to the next level of books.

III. Missed Lessons/Closures (excluding Silver Plan)
Student Absence:
If you find that you/your student must miss a session, we will be pleased to schedule a makeup as long as we receive a minimum of a 24 hour notice (5 hours for group classes). A lesson or class missed with late or no notice is forfeit. We MUST be informed before the end of business (7:00pm Monday through Friday, 5:00pm Saturday and 4:00pm Sunday) the day before a missed lesson either by phone call (301-355-8079) or email ( If we hear from you after that time, no makeup will be offered. Please be aware that emails sometimes take time to deliver. With that in mind, if you find you must notify us near closing, please call!

Makeups may only be taken in a month that regular tuition has been paid. They may not be used in lieu of a regularly scheduled lesson/class.

Makeups will expire 3 months from the month of the missed lesson. If you/your student discontinue lessons at Pritchard Music, any remaining makeups are forfeit.

Makeups will not be offered for ensembles.

Teacher absence:
When a teacher needs to miss a lesson, we will arrange for a qualified substitute. When a substitute is here, it is expected that students will be at their regular lesson time. No make ups will be offered if a student misses lessons because they do not want to work with one of our qualified substitutes. If a substitute cannot be found, a makeup will be offered.

  • In the event of inclement weather, call us.
  • If MCPS cancels school due to weather makeups will be available.
  • Pritchard Music is closed for retail and lessons on the following holidays:
                    Thanksgiving Day
                    Memorial Day
Christmas Day
                    Independence Day (July 4th)
New Year’s Day
                    Labor Day
                    Easter Sunday

IV. Discontinuance of Lessons or Classes
Please notify Pritchard Music by the 15th of the month if you wish to discontinue lessons or classes so that Auto-Pay may be cancelled and that we have adequate time to fill the open slot with a new student.

Pritchard Music

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