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Dale Kotler - Fretted Instruments

Offering over 18 years professional teaching experience providing individual instruction of Guitar, Bass, and Ukelele to students of all ages and levels. Has studied Music Performance in Guitar and Bass at Montgomery College and has many years of real world, professional performance experience. Distinguished by professionalism and excellent communication skills, which is demonstrated by having a patient and pleasant personality and effective listening abilities. Provides students with a strong foundation in Music Theory (such as chord-scale relationship), which allows students to improvise in any style and key, as well as sight reading, playing techniques, ear training, harmony, and rhythm. Maintains a robust teaching schedule, teaching several students well into their 10th year of study. Several of his students have gone on to teaching and performance careers. Utilizes a huge library of music lessons, and transcribed songs. Teaches Jazz standards,technical studies,finger picking, chord melody, rhythm, Classical pieces, holiday music, along with current and popular songs. Employs a variety of teaching methods to connect with students, including method books and uses recordings and interactive backing tracks, such as the Abersold series. Teaches many styles, including Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical. Customizes lessons to each student's interests to make learning a fun and positive experience.

Pritchard Music

301-355-8079 221 Kenlands Blvd
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
MON, TUE & FRI: 10 - 7 | WED & THUR: 1 - 7 | SAT 10 - 5 | Closed Sunday